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Epoxy pipe lining is a trenchless sewer repair technique that involves putting a new pipe inside of an existing one. It’s quick, easy, and simple! Very little digging is done, and no trenches are dug. The best option if your pipes are damaged is epoxy pipe lining. The use of this technique will save time, money, and the environment. You won’t again have to be concerned about sewage leaks into your home or yard again thanks to our epoxy pipe lining solution.

Traditional techniques of repairing or rebuilding pipelines can be replaced by epoxy pipe lining. It is a cost-effective and moral way to extend the life of your pipeline without mowing down your grass or digging a trench for hours on end with big machinery. The procedure is simple to accomplish, frequently in a single day. You won’t have to lie awake at night fretting about a flood of burst pipes entering your house. You won’t ever have to worry about it again because of epoxy pipe lining. If you’re concerned about the method’s long-term consequences on the environment, you shouldn’t worry because it uses less water than conventional methods and has no detrimental affects on the quality of groundwater. As a result, it is secure for both humans and the environment.

Epoxy pipe lining is a substitute for traditional methods of repairing or replacing pipelines. It is an affordable and ethical method to prolong the life of your pipeline without having to destroy your grass or spend hours in a trench with heavy machinery. The process can be completed quickly and easily—often in a single day. You won’t need to remain up at night worrying about your home being inundated by broken pipes. Thanks to epoxy pipe lining, you won’t ever have to be concerned about it again. Furthermore, this method uses less water than standard methods and has no negative effects on the quality of groundwater, so if you’re worried about the long-term effects on the environment, you shouldn’t be. As a result, it is safe for both the environment and people.

The pros of epoxy pipe lining

Here are some advantages of epoxy pipe lining and reasons it’s one of the best methods for sewage repair.

  • Inexpensive – Pipe replacement costs money and takes time. As a result, we provide epoxy pipe lining, which can help homeowners avoid paying between 30 and 40 percent more to repair and dig up old pipes. Labor costs decrease since the project might be finished in fewer hours.
  • Non-invasive – The best option to remedy leaks without damaging your floors, walls, or ceilings is using epoxy pipe lining. Due to the lack of excavation, it is also less expensive than conventional methods. Epoxy pipe lining can also be installed inside already-existing openings, saving you the trouble of making new holes in your house.
  • The best way to fix leaky pipes is using epoxy lining, which is environmentally friendly. It is an easy-to-implement technique that is rapid, effective, and emission-free. Leaks won’t be a concern for you for a very long time, saving you money on maintenance and water costs.
  • Rapid – In the ground-breaking technique known as pipelining, epoxy resin is used as a covering within pipes that have defects or leaks. Epoxy glue solidifies after becoming a solid substance, sealing cracks and preventing further leakage. Because it is completed in two days as opposed to up to six weeks with conventional therapies, it is quicker. The greatest option is epoxy pipe lining because it is sturdy. Its durability of 50 years is due to its strength and resistance to corrosion. The new pipe’s installation is fairly simple, and it won’t significantly disrupt your property. Additionally, there are no concerns about future leaks or other problems because an experienced and qualified specialist performs epoxy pipe lining.


The cons of epoxy pipe lining

  • Pipe requirements – Epoxy pipe lining is the perfect solution. It’s an innovative, cost-effective way to fix pipes that are NOT collapsing or back pitched. This process involves installing a liner inside the existing pipe and then filling it with epoxy resin. The result is a strong, durable, watertight seal that will last for decades without maintenance.
  • Downtime – The epoxy in the CIPP can take up to one day to cure. But this is still faster than conventional methods. You don’t have to worry about waiting days or weeks for your pipes and drains to be repaired; we can get it done right away!
  • Pipes that do not work – Epoxy pipe lining is a cost-effective solution for repairing leaking pipes without having to replace them entirely, but only certain types of pipes qualify for this treatment. If your pipe has been damaged by hydro-jetting or if it’s made from Orangeburg (tarpaper) material, then it won’t work well with epoxy pipe lining. And if your diameter falls below 2 inches, then you’ll also be out of luck because this method doesn’t work very well on smaller diameters either! Make sure you’re aware of these limitations before deciding whether or not to line your own pipes with epoxy.
  • Permanent – Epoxy pipe lining is permanent and will last for years without any maintenance or repair. It’s also easy to install and can be done in just one day. You won’t have to worry about leaks again.
  • Advanced work – Epoxy pipe lining is a process that can be done improperly. For example, using the pull in place method in vertical stacks can lead to liners slipping. UV curing can cause shrinkage of the liner, creating an annular space that allows for movement of the liner or hydrostatic pressure to build up, potentially causing issues.

Since we’ve been practicing epoxy pipe lining for more than 20 years, we’ve never had a failure. Our crew will ensure that your pipes are safeguarded against leaks and other problems because we have considerable expertise of how to do it correctly. If you want epoxy to line your pipes, get in touch with us right now! Do not hesitate to contact us since we provide free quotations!

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